"Changing Lives Through the Touch of a Horse"

Why Horses?

First, lets start off by saying this, horses don't get enough credit for the therapeutic effect they have on us, and for the happiness that they can bring us.


In fact, horses have a very unique gift. They have the ability to mirror the emotions that we have inside of us. Sounds crazy, right? In Other words, they are able to learn the humans body language, and give us feedback. Horses will always respond to our true, emotional states.


While we're working with the horse, it's up to us to determine why the horse may be behaving in a certain way. By determining the cause of the horses behavior, it causes us to explore what behaviors and emotions in us as humans, that they may be responding to.


While working with the horse, we are also discovering new ways to be able to cope and deal with the emotions that we are feeling at that moment, in a healthy way. 

The skills that one can learn, by working with the horse, are skills that one can use in their everyday lives.

So please allow us to join you in your journey of exploration, and allow us to change your life, using the touch of a horse. 


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