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Horsemanship Classes

Horsemanship classes focus on everything about horses but riding. Horsemanship classes are designed to further the knowledge of horse husbandry, healthcare, and management. For example, participants will learn groundwork techniques with horses, grooming techniques, anatomy, equine first aid, and more. The academy has created a fun, interactive learning environment and has the proper tools to make each class very educational.

Horsemanship 101-1 hr
Schedule Varies by Session.

Jr. Horsemanship (ages 4-9)

Single Class (per student) - $35

Jr. Horsemanship (per student)-$20

A minimum of 4 students are required to hold a horsemanship class. The classes are held on a weekly basis. Students/parents choose their preferred dates on the application and will be notified of the final class dates 2 weeks prior.


- Complete Application & Select Horsemanship

- Receive email in 2-3 business days with member portal log in if accepted

- Complete forms in member's portal

- Schedule and pay for lessons in members portal (or bring cash/check on day of lesson)

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