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Meet theTeam

Brittney Chambers



Brittney Chambers has over 25 years of experience in the horse industry, spanning in english and western dressage disciplines. As a trainer, Brittney specializes in rider biomechanics and English/Western fundamentals.

Since Brittney was young, she knew she would grow up to help horses and people, both of which she is very passionate about. In college, she obtained an associates Degree in Social Science, Bachelor's Degree in Alcohol and Drug Counseling and a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice. On top of her educational experience, Brittney is certified as a Therapeutic Riding Instructor and an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning through PATH International.

Brittney has experience as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor, has taught Alcohol and Drug classes in inpatient and transitional home settings, has developed life coaching programs for youth, and has supervised group home for young women.  At the group home she has developed animal therapy programs for residents which lead her to more intentional integration of animals into therapeutic programming.

From Brittney's educational background and experience in the human services field, she has the ability to serve people with developmental and physical disabilities, mental health diagnoses, at-risk youth, and more. Her passion and driving purpose is to share the healing effects of horses and equine-assisted activities with vulnerable populations to build confidence and self-awareness. CBC Therapeutic Horseback Riding Academy achieves just that.


Christalle Chambers

Executive Director


Christalle is a lifelong horsegirl, riding & training horses for 20+ years.

Christalle's experience includes riding and teaching both the English and Western disciplines, hosting horse leadership classes, leading Odyssey Women's Group, and managing CBC's executive level, equine lesson program operations.

Bachelor's in Management, A.A. in Business Administration, a Certified Google Apps Specialist and a having Legal Office Specialist Diploma, ensures the smooth flow of each dynamic lesson given. Supporting the steady advancement of each rider.


Christalle teaches with patience and understanding, working at the riders level of comfortability. Similar to her sister Brittney, Christalle's passion and driving

purpose is to share the healing effects of horses with various equine exercises and activities. Ensuring that whomever gets in the saddle has a great experience!

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