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Misty is a horse with an old soul, and at times an old soul with a spunky personality! Misty teaches all beginner and intermediate riders the basic skill of Horseback riding. Misty is very very gentle, and will do whatever is asked of her. She LOVES the kids, and has a very kind heart. 

Fun facts about Misty: She Loves to roll in the dirt, sun bathe,carrots,  and Hugs!


Tarzan is a very very loving boy. He teaches all intermediate to advanced riders, and the more advanced riding skills of horse back riding. Tarzan loves his job, and will take you for an amazing ride. You don't have to ask this sweet boy to do anything twice. He does everything you ask of him, and is a VERY fun ride. He will always greet you at his stall door, with the look in his eyes hoping you have a carrot for him!

Fun Facts about Tarzan: He used to be a race horse, he knows exactly where you have the carrots hidden, and he loves to have his neck scratched right under his mane. 

Princess is an awesome teacher that teaches all levels of riders. She mainly teaches the intermediate to advanced riders of the Academy.


Princess loves being loved on, and really enjoys her treats and being loved on!


Mr. Charlie Brown

Though he may be small, he sure is mighty!! Charlie is a great instructor for all levels of rider. He is perfect for our littles, and he takes great care of them! 

Mr. Charlie Brown LOVES to be groomed and loved on, and will leave a permanent hoof print on your heart after you get to spend some time with him.

Lucky Mushroom

Lucky Mushroom lives up to the true meaning of a gentle giant. He takes great care of every single one of his riders and never misses a beat. Lucky can teach all levels of riders from beginner to advanced.

Lucky loves hanging out in the front of his stall to get pets, hugs, and of course carrots!!

Horses who have completed CBC Rehabilitation and Training Program

Hero for Hire

Desert Express

Pampers 'N Boots

Elimination Round


In Control

So Elite


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