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Brittney Chambers
Owner, Therapeutic Riding Instructor,  Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning,Trainer





Brittney Chambers, the Founder of CBC Therapeutic Horseback Riding Academy has over 20 years’ experience with horses. She has ridden several different disciplines such as English, Western, and Dressage. In addition, she has also helped fellow horse owners by consulting, training and handling their horses. She specializes in Rider Biomechanics, and both English and Western Fundamentals.

Ever since Brittney was a young girl, she has had a deep love and passion for horses, and helping others. While in college, Brittney has obtained her Associates Degree in Social Science, her Bachelor’s degree in Alcohol and Drug Counseling with a minor in psychology, and her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration. In addition to her college education, Brittney is also a dually Certified PATH Intl. Therapeutic Riding Instructor, and Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning.

Brittney has worked as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor in a residential alternative sentencing facility, has taught Alcohol and Drug education classes in a Transitional Home for those in recovery, and she has developed a Life Coaching Program for youth. In addition, Brittney has worked as a Line Staff and House Supervisor in a level 14 group home for girls, where she developed and ran an animal program for the residents. She was a teacher that taught employability and life skills for youth ages 16-24, and has also been a Counselor for youth carrying up to 55 students on her caseload.

Between Brittney’s education and experience in the human services field, and her passion for horses, she is able to serve those who are developmentally disabled, physically disabled, have mental health issues, at risk youth, addiction issues, veterans, those who are involved in the criminal justice system, and anyone who just wants to become involved with horses.

Brittney’s dream is to share her love and passion for horses with others, and that is exactly what she is doing with her program. CBC Therapeutic Horseback Riding Academy

Glenn Chambers
Horse Trainer and Horsemanship Expert
Glenn Chambers, father of Brittney Chambers, is the Horsemanship Expert for CBC Equine Therapeutic Riding. Glenn has over 50 years in experience in training, handling, and healing horses. Glenn has worked with horses in all different disciplines from Race Horses, to Show Jumping.
It all started in 1968 at Sportsmans Park, now known as Hawthorne Racetrack in Chicago Illinois. in 1970, Glenn then moved to the New Orleans Fair Grounds to work and train horses there, and then to Hollywood Park in 1971, and Hialeah Racetrack and Gulfstream Racetrack in Florida. 
From 1973-1986, Glenn traveled the east coast, and worked with trainers and horses at several different race tracks. Glenn worked at tracks such as Belmont Park in New York, Gulfstream in Florida, and various other tracks located on the east coast. 
During his traveling the east coast, Glenn had the honor of working with 1976 Preakness Stakes winner Elocutionist, and was the understudy of the famous Veterinary Doctor,  Peter A. Linfoot.
In 1987 and 1988, Glenn accompanied two horses to the Kentucky Derby in which he played a vital role in their success.
Glenn has conducted numerous clincs on how to improve the horse owners horsemanship skills, how to properly treat leg injuries, fixing bad behaviors, and more! With Glenn Chambers as a part of the team, each participant in the program will learn the best horsemanship skills there are, and have an unforgettable experience with each horse they encounter. 
Glenn Chambers (Right) and 1987 Kentucky Derby Contender, Momentus
Former Exercise Rider, and Now Trainer, Glenn Chambers

Meet the Horses!



Misty is a horse with an old soul, and at times an old soul with a spunky personality! Misty teaches all beginner and intermediate riders the basic skill of Horseback riding. Misty is very very gentle, and will do whatever is asked of her. She LOVES the kids, and has a very kind heart. 

Fun facts about Misty: She Loves to roll in the dirt, sun bathe,carrots,  and Hugs!



Tarzan is a very very loving boy. He teaches all intermediate to advanced riders, the more advanced riding skills of horse back riding. Tarzan loves his job, and will take you for an amazing ride. You don't have to ask this sweet boy to do anything twice. He does everything you ask of him, and is a VERY fun ride. He will always greet you at his stall door, with the look in his eyes hoping you have a carrot for him!

Fun Facts about Tarzan: He used to be a race horse, he knows exactly where you have the carrots hidden, and he loves to have his neck scratched right under his mane. 


Maverick is an awesome teacher that teaches all levels of riders. He mainly teaches the intermediate to advanced riders of the Academy.


Maverick loves being loved on, and really enjoys his trail rides outside of the arena! He enjoys being brushed, and his favorite treat is watermelon!

Mr. Valentino aka Rudy

Enrolled in CBC's General Horse Training Program

Horses who Have Completed the CBC Rehab and Training Program

Hero for Hire

Elimination Round

Pampers 'N Boots

In Control

Desert Express


So Elite

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