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Frequently asked Questions and Reviews!

Check out what others have to say about CBC Equine Therapeutic Riding and the Riding and Horsemanship Academy, as well as have any questions answered. If you have any further questions, please do not hesistate to send us an email, or a message via the website. Program Director Brittney Chambers will reply to your message within 24 hours. Thank you so much for your interest in CBC!!!

CBC  Question &Answer

  • What ages does CBC Teach?
    CBC Teaches ages 4+
  • Is CBC only for Therpay Purposes?
    No, CBC does more than just therapy. CBC also does the following: 1. Gives General horseback riding lessons 2. Teaches Ground work with horses 3. Provides Tune Ups and Training for horse owners 4. Leg Treatments and rehab for horses with leg injuries 5. Consults for owners
  • Are Riders only allowed to ride CBC Horses?
    If a rider does not have a horse, we are able to accomodate 100%. If a rider has their own horse, they are more than welcome to trailer in to take their lesson, or have their training session with their horse. The staff of CBC will also travel to riders who have their own properties, if the distance is within reason.
  • What are the Available Lesson Times?
    The available lesson times are generally weekdays: 8:00am-4:00pm, and weekends beginning at 8:00am-3:00p,. Lessons times are given on a first come first serve basis. When signing up for lessons, the available times at that moment would be given, and the best time that fits your schedule can be reserved.
  • If someone is interested in taking lessons, can they schedule a visit first?"
    Absolutely! CBC Encourages all future riders to come out for a visit to ensure that we are the right fit for them,
  • Do You Need Horse Experience to Participate?
    Absolutely not! CBC will be there with you every step of the way. No horse experience is required!
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