The online academy is great for anyone who is looking to get started in the world of horses, just want general horse knowledge, or is looking for a refresher!


The Online Academy is suitable for all ages. It covers topics from Anatomy, to Common Leg Injuries, to Tack and Equipment, to Sports! The Online academy ensures that all of its graduates are well rounded in horse knowledge. The Online Academy is designed to supplement the in-person horsemanship classes and horseback riding lessons, and vice versa. Whether you start the academy online, start with in person horsemanship classes, or with the horseback riding lessons, they are are all a great place to start. 


The Online Academy will take a total of 6 months to complete. Assignments are given two times a week on Sundays and Wednesday’s, and assignments are due on Saturdays. There will be tests at the end of each section. 


For pricing and more information, or to enroll, please email!  

Online Academy:


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